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These recordings are available by sending $12 (includes shipping in USA) each to;

Jim Skinner Music
Rt 3 Box 1357
Westville, OK 74965






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For orders outside the USA please contact me at: Cost of ketorolac eye drops for information


Who is Jim Skinner and what kind of music is this, anyway?


Jim Skinner is an affable bear of a man who loves music – all kinds of music!


The music that he creates in is home studio, nestled in the beautiful Green Country of Westville, Oklahoma, is a reflection of this life-long love affair with all things musical.


The music of Jim Skinner is probably best described as Americana Classic Rock – a combination of Rock and Roll and Blues influences ranging from Do-Whop and Chuck Berry to the Chess Blues Masters and the ‘60’s giants of Popular radio, filtered through a long term love of Bluegrass, Classic Country and Western Swing and garnished with a healthy appreciation of the psychedelic sounds of San Francisco in the late ‘60s and the Progressive Rock movement that spawned Yes and Genesis.  You will hear sounds reminding you of Spike Jones, The Temptations and Frank Zappa mingling with reflections of the Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Bill Monroe and Dave Brubeck.  All of this, with lyrics and melodies mirroring a life growing up in middle America in the Sixties and Seventies – a time and place where innocence broke slowly and music was a soundtrack to every life.




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Jim is a multi-instrumentalist whose first love is all things stringed.  A guitarist for over 35 years, he also plays mandolin, banjo, bass guitar, Dobro and harmonica.




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After taking some music classes in high school in the early 70s, Jim took up the keyboard and started writing songs and playing in various bands, ranging from Garage Pop, to Bluegrass to Honky-Tonk Country outfits.  As a singer, Jim is equally at home singing lead and harmony, with a knack for finding a slightly different harmony line, when possible.  As a songwriter and arranger, he has an uncanny ability to combine facets of dissimilar musical genres into new and interesting (and sometimes slightly askew) song forms and directions.  All of these attributes make the music of Jim Skinner exciting and interesting while harboring that “slightly familiar” feel that makes it listen able from the outset.

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1999 – “Straddling the Barbed Wire Fence” - (Out of Print)

2001 -  “Papa Elf Sings Christmas Music” – (Out of Print)


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crystal tv s60v5 5800

Online drugstore free shipping canada 2002 -  “Division By Zero” – (Out of Print)

2003 – “A Drought At The Fountain Of Reason” – The first Jim Skinner Music release of all-original music:



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(Available at www.jimskinnermusic.com )

2004 – “Sculpting The Shaman With Occam’s Razor” (Available at www.jimskinnermusic.com




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Sculpting The Shaman With Occam's Razor

How much does finasteride cost in canada

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